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Laser Scanning Services
Laser scanning is a relatively new technology, having been used as a precise survey instrument only since 1998. Now, it is quickly becoming the new industry standard as a way to make very accurate measurements in complicated environments.

Sempco provides complete 3D laser scanning of structures, detailed industrial production equipment, utility transmission/distribution lines, power substations, landfills, mining areas, and historical locations. Sempco offers point cloud generation, post point cloud data processing & modeling, interior/exterior structural & equipment rendering, web based data photography walk throughs and 3D & 4D CG animations. Call Sempco for specific applications to meet your needs.
Sample Exhibits
Laser Scanning Example
Laser Scanning Example Laser Scanning Example
Laser Scanning Sample  

Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides:
• GPS Services
• Boundary and Topographic Surveying
• Mapping, Planning, Consulting Services
• Complete CAD Support
• Map Conversions, Digitizing
• Specialized Color Plots
• As-Built Mapping
• City Annexation Maps and Exhibits

Our Clients Include:
• Electric Utility Companies
• Oil & Gas Exploration/Energy Companies
• Owners and Builders of Pipelines
• Property Owners
• Architects, Engineers and Designers
• Land Developers
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