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Oil and Gas Surveying Services
Sempco offers comprehensive surveying services to the Gas & Oil Industry and in most cases can respond immediately to your field requests. Sempco's services include: Lease & Unit Surveys; Surface Hole & Pad location staking & Exhibits; Railroad Commission (RRC) Exhibits; Pipeline Surveys & Alignment Sheets; Drilling Pad & Rig details; Surface Use & Easement Exhibits & Legal Descriptions; Topographic Surveying, Mapping & Profile Generation; Shape File submittals to RRC, Texas811 & regulatory agencies; and GIS Database Management.
Pipelines, Utility Companies, Oil & Gas Exploration/Energy Companies
Oil and Gas Surveying ServicesWe offer a complete package including laser scan aerial photography, route studies, title reports, survey permits, pipeline and electric transmission line route selection, property construction staking and as-built surveys, preparation of easements, exhibits for condemnation, well locations and exhibits, highway, railroad and rive crossing permits and right-of-way acquisition services.

All items listed are accomplished with Sempco Surveying, Inc. staff personnel excepting the laser scan aerial photography and right-of-way acquisitions. These services are provided through contractual arrangements with highly respected local and national organizations.

All such outside services are supervised and coordinated by Sempco Surveying, Inc. personnel. We offer consultation for proposed pipeline acquisitions in reference to status of maps and easement records.

Projects include several thousand miles of pipelines and electrical transmission lines, gas gathering systems, silt range surveys, boundary, topographic and control surveys for numerous substation sites, electric generating plants, power plant lake properties, compressor sites and lignite mining areas.
Sample l Examples:
Typical City Pad Site Permit Typical Rig Detail
Typical Railroad Commission Exhibit Demo Alignment Sheet
Typical Barnett Shale Gas Unit Pipeline As Built
Barnett Shale Surveying Services (Poster)  
Major Oil & Gas Plays in Texas
Sempco Surveying provides a complete surveying package to exploration, drilling and pipeline companies working within the for areas. With multiple crews and state-of-the-art VRS GPS equipment, Sempco can provide timely cost effective surveys.
Barnett Shale Natural Gas Reservoir
Eagle Ford Natural Gas Reservoir
Permian Basin

Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides:
• GPS Services
• Boundary and Topographic Surveying
• Mapping, Planning, Consulting Services
• Complete CAD Support
• Map Conversions, Digitizing
• Specialized Color Plots
• As-Built Mapping
• City Annexation Maps and Exhibits

Our Clients Include:
• Electric Utility Companies
• Oil & Gas Exploration/Energy Companies
• Owners and Builders of Pipelines
• Property Owners
• Architects, Engineers and Designers
• Land Developers
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