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Other Services

Other Services

Major Fields of Service

Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides GPS Services, boundary & topographic surveying, mapping, planning, consulting services and complete CAD support including map conversions, digitizing, specialized color plots and as-built mapping to owners and builders of pipelines, property owners, land developers, electric utility companies, architects, engineers and designers.

We offer complete support including customized color presentation drawings, map conversions, digitizing, surface modeling and boundary verification, detailed topographic survey with utility locations and flow lines, site design and calculations from preliminary layouts, volumes, all phases of construction staling for apartments, residential and commercial applications.

Latest equipment technology, GPS and CAD mapping are utilized in all applications so that the final product includes reproducible map and data in CAD format.

GPS Services

GPS Surveying ServicesSempco Surveying, Inc. employs the latest GPS technology, possessing multiple licenses for operation upon the Western Data Systems VRS network. Our GPS equipment is also capable of operating outside the VRS network, utilizing R8 rover units and 5800 & 5700 base units. GPS enables us to easily work within the Texas State Plane Coordinate System, collecting real-time coordinate data in the NAD 27, or NAD 83, or any datum required.


Topographic Surveying

A topographic survey may be defined as one that determines ground relief and location of natural and man-made features thereon. Performing a topographic survey requires taking shots of the natural terrain at:

• grade breaks
• along channels
• along corners and alignments of fixed works
• at brush boundaries
• other details of the natural terrain
• other man made objects

The location of trees might also involve shots at the drip line and measurements at the top of the crown.

Measurements for utility structures (poles or towers) might also involve shots at various points on the wire.

Construction As-Built's

A construction survey may be defined as one that locates points prior to, during, or after construction of a fixed work on a site. That fixed work may be a road, structure, or may involve excavation or fill of materials. Also called stake-out.

Often, a survey to check the final position of a structure is called an “as-built” survey.

Sample Exhibit

Topographic Survey Example



Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides:
• Drone Mapping
• Route Surveying
• Construction Staking
• 3D LIDAR Scanning
• ALTA/NSPS Surveys
• GPS Surveying Services
• Platting Services
• Boundary and Topographic Surveying
• Mapping, Planning, Consulting Services
• Complete CAD Support
• Map Conversions, Digitizing
• Specialized Color Plots
• As-Built Mapping
• City Annexation Maps and Exhibits

Our Clients Include:

• Electric Utility Companies
• Oil & Gas Exploration/Energy Companies
• Pipeline Companies
• Property Owners
• Architects, Engineers and Designers
• Land Developers
• Building Contractors
• Law Offices and Attorneys
• Title Companies

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