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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas
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Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides GPS services, boundary and topographic surveying, mapping, planning, consulting services and complete CAD support including map conversions, digitizing, specialized color plots and as-built mapping to oil/gas exploration and operating companies, owners and builders of pipelines, property owners, land developers, electric utility companies, architects, engineers and designers.

The principal officers and registered members of the management group represent a total of more than 125 years combined experience in professional surveying, mapping, land planning and right-of-way acquisition. They hold professional land surveying registrations in Texas and California.

Administrative and design work, computing, CAD mapping and planning are done at our headquarter location. Field offices are established when necessary to satisfy the requirements of special projects.
Sempco Surveying Oil an dGas Surveying and Mapping
Sempco offers comprehensive surveying services to the gas & oil industry and  in most cases can respond immediately to your field requests. Sempco's services include lease and unit surveys, surface hole & pad location & staking, RRC exhibits, pipeline surveys & Alignment Sheets, Drilling Pad and  Rig details, Surface Use Exhibits and Easement legal descriptions, topographic surveying and profiles, shape file submittals to RRC and regulatory agencies, and GIS Database management.
Sempco Surveying - Routes Surveying Services
Sempco has completed thousands of miles of transmission line and pipeline route surveys. Sempco provides complete services from route planning to final easement documents for recording. Sempco uses the latest field equipment and office software to produce electronic data deliverable in various formats. Sempco maintains an extensive electronic database of photographs, roads, original land surveys and property files to expedite the planning process.
Sempco Surveying - Laser Scanning Services
Sempco provides complete 3D laser scanning of structures, detailed industrial production equipment,  utility transmission/distribution lines, power substations, landfills, and mining areas. Sempco offers post point cloud data processing, structure & equipment rendering, 3D animations and video/movie loops. Call Sempco for specific applications to meet your needs.

Sempco Surveying, Inc. provides:
• GPS Services
• Boundary and Topographic Surveying
• Mapping, Planning, Consulting Services
• Complete CAD Support
• Map Conversions, Digitizing
• Specialized Color Plots
• As-Built Mapping
• City Annexation Maps and Exhibits

Our Clients Include:
• Electric Utility Companies
• Oil & Gas Exploration/Energy Companies
• Owners and Builders of Pipelines
• Property Owners
• Architects, Engineers and Designers
• Land Developers
Sempco Surveying, Inc.
3208 South Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76110
Phone: 817-926-7876
Firm License No: 10094500
Sempco Featured in the March 2015 edition of Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor Magazine
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